Accord Literary is a partnership formed by Sarah Odedina and Deborah Ahenkorah Osei-Agyekum in 2019 to mentor, develop and encourage writers based in Africa writing books for young readers. Our mission is to find original and unique voices and get their books into the hands of readers around the world.


    Accord Literary as a venture is the first of its kind - a collaboration between two of the industry's most respected professionals who will focus on developing talent based in Africa. Between them, Deborah and Sarah have a wealth of experience in children’s publishing and a wide network of contacts with whom they will work to ensure that a greater range of stories that reflect African experiences are enjoyed by children from Melbourne to Los Angeles, Tokyo to Lagos.


    More about the team:


  • Deborah Ahenkorah Osei-Agyekum

    Growing up in Accra, Ghana, as a young girl who read voraciously, Deborah Ahenkorah Osei-Agyekum often wondered why the storybook characters she loved did not look like her. Starting as a teenager, she has built and led several organizations all of whose goals have been to give children across Africa culturally-relevant books to fall in love with. Her publishing house, African Bureau Stories, is committed to providing increased opportunities for African writers and illustrators to publish locally and internationally. Deborah also established the Golden Baobab Prize, the prestigious literary award which over the past ten years has discovered and supported children's book authors and illustrators across Africa. Deborah has championed and advocated for the African children’s literature industry from grassroots levels to large global stages such as the World Economic Forum. She is an award-winning entrepreneur and her work has been celebrated by international organizations such as Echoing Green, the Aspen Institute and the Grinnell Prize for Social Justice. She is a recipient of the 2019 Global Pluralism Award given by His Highness the Aga Khan and the government of Canada recognizing her efforts to promote African children's literature as a way to build a more inclusive world. Deborah is a graduate of Bryn Mawr College and lives in Accra with her husband and little boy.

    Sarah Odedina

    While at University Sarah met her husband the Nigerian artist, Abe Odedina. They have two daughters and when their children were small they struggled to find books and stories that they felt offered their London based family a realistic and positive portrayal of the African continent. Now 30 years later the need for a wider range of voices remains. Sarah sees her work as a publisher and as a Director of Accord as an opportunity to bring African writers telling their stories of life on the continent to readers worldwide. Sarah Odedina has worked in publishing for more than two decades. As the Publishing Director of the children’s list of Bloomsbury Publishing, she oversaw the publication of the Harry Potter series as well as published many other best-selling prize-winning novels and picture books. In 2011 Sarah founded the successful and award-winning Hot Key Books. Sarah is now Editor-at-Large for Pushkin Press commissioning titles for the children's and YA list. She is the co-founder of Scoop Magazine for children. Sarah travels around the world giving talks and hosting workshops about publishing and children’s literature. She also teaches creative writing focusing on books for young readers.


    We are proud to be working with the following authors. Discover their full bios here.

    Ruby Yayra Goka

    Writes issue-centred books for teenagers

    Akua Serwaa Amankwah

    Writes character-driven middle grade fiction

    P Ochieng Ochieng

    Writes voice-driven literary fiction for young teens

    Edudzi Adodo

    Writes science fiction and fantasy infused with African culture and mythology

    Erhu Kome

    Writes speculative fiction

    Elizabeth-Irene Baitie

    Writes family-focused middle grade adventures

    Abiola Adegboyega

    Writes fantasy inspired by Yoruba mythology

    Blessing Musariri

    Writes across genres but loves magical realism

  • Titles

    We are thrilled to have worked with our authors to publish the following books:


    Open for submissions

    We are open for submissions for novels written for young readers aged between 8 and 16 years old. Submissions must include the following:

    • A bio - max 50 words. Do mention if you have had anything published anywhere including on-line publications.
    • A synopsis - 300 words max. Mention the main characters, the main plot points and the important themes of your book.
    • The first 3000 words of your novel or the full novel. The book can be in any genre from historical to fantasy and be about any theme.
    • Submit to: team@accordliterary.com

    The deadline for submissions is 15th April 2022.



    How we work

    Accord Literary will offer advice and guidance on editorial issues with the view of mentoring authors to create works ready for submission to international publishers. Please be patient as we have many many emails to read through and many many submissions to consider. If we have read your work and are not going to offer you mentoring you will get a standard response and your email and attachments will be deleted from our system. If we read your work and are interested to read more of your work we shall email you and ask you to send in your complete manuscript. When we have read the entire submission we shall discuss your work with you in a bit more detail via email. Accord Literary will enter agreements with authors with whom they work with all terms and conditions of representation to be agreed. The works submitted have to be original works of fiction and not to infringe any copyright. The works are to be free for world wide publication.


  • Rights

    We work tirelessly to promote our authors’ work with leading publishers all over the world. We are regular participants of the Bologna Book Fair, the Frankfurt Book Fair, the London Book Fair and the Ghana Book Fair.


    For enquiries about UK and Commonwealth Rights, please contact Julia Churchill of A.M Heath at: Julia.Churchill@amheath.com


    For translation rights, please contact Margot Edwards at: margot.edwards@rightsconsultancy.co.uk


    For USA rights please contact Accord at: team@accordliterary.com

  • FAQ

    Do you only work with African authors?

    Yes we do. We feel that the relatively few African writers who find world-wide publication in the children’s field is an issue that we can directly engage with and help to make a difference.

    Can I submit adult fiction?

    Our focus is on children’s literature and books for young readers. If you have written an adult book perhaps you can think about submitting it for some of the many prizes that are open to adult authors or you can submit directly to publishers or agents. The Writers and Artists Handbook is a very helpful resource with lists of literary agents, prizes and publishers and what they are all looking for: https://www.writersandartists.co.uk We also recommend following these book bloggers and websites that regularly share about opportunities open to African writers of Adult fiction:

    • http://www.jamesmurua.com 
    • https://africanbookaddict.com/tag/book-bloggers/ 
    • http://africawrites.org/blog/ 
    • https://brittlepaper.com/
    • http://caineprize.com/

    Who will my publisher be?

    Accord Literary will act as your agent finding you the best publishers around the world, ensuring that you find a publishing partner that will support you and your writing. We have a wide network of contacts in the publishing industry and will put in place a support group of sub-agents and champions who will take your book out to publishers in multiple languages and territories around the world.

    What happens if my work is not selected for mentoring?


    Accord Literary will acknowledge all submissions and let people know if their work is not selected for mentoring. On notification we shall delete all copies of the submitted work from our system and database. We are very sorry but we will not be able to offer anyone whose work is not selected editorial advice or feedback.

    What happens after my story is selected by Accord Literary?​

    We will work with you to edit your novel. Sometimes this is a quick process with just one or two rounds of comments and other times it is longer with three, four or even more rounds of comments. Our aim is to get the novel to the point where it can be submitted to publishers who will enter contracts to publish the book in their markets. This is where the author will begin to earn income from all the hard work to-date. Accord Literary will earn a commission for its work. Once we select your manuscript and before mentoring starts, we will ask that you enter an agreement with us so that we have your authority to submit your book worldwide. If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to ask us: team@accordliterary.com.


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